ScripTrack, MedEdge Solution's Intelligent Delivery Management Solution

CONWAY, Ark. - ArkaSun -- Conway, Arkansas - MedEdge Solutions, the leader in pharmacy data and analytics services, announced today the release of its highly anticipated Pharmacy Delivery Management Solution ScripTrack. Over the past 12 months, ScripTrack has helped key Infusion and Specialty Pharmacy providers in North America achieve control over their shipping operations.

ScripTrack's intelligent delivery management solution allows pharmacies to streamline the shipping process by easily communicating shipments to patients, identifying delivery exceptions, and capturing digital copies of proof of delivery. By tracking this, pharmacies can easily capture metrics needed for accreditation, eliminate patient confusion and after hour calls as well as reduce exposure to payer audits.

The optimization of the pharmacy shipping processes significantly impacts a provider's journey to becoming a more profitable enterprise. A centralized delivery management solution brings together all stakeholders onto one solution that drives real-time communication and collaboration. This cuts back and forth communication, removes ambiguity, and most importantly, drives shipping operations in the right sequence.

ScripTrack provides pharmacies the ability to track and optimize all prescription supply chain segments. Key impact metrics in delivery operations that contribute to a pharmacy's efficiency efforts include:
  • Increased speed to bill
  • Reduced risk of payor audits
  • Eliminating patient confusion on when deliveries are shipped
  • Identifying shipping exceptions
  • Tracking shipments in progress

"We are excited to be announcing our new product, ScripTrack. Providers struggle every day to get lifesaving medicines and products to their patients, they should not have to struggle to manage those shipments. ScripTrack is a cost-effective solution which takes the burden off the pharmacy team and allows them to focus on positive outcomes for their patient and communicating shipment progress to their patients." said Brandon Carpenter, President, MedEdge Solutions

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Source: MedEdge Solutions

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