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Diesel Prices are expected to rise due to War and environmental restrictions. Truckers have finally caught on and are saving 10%+ in Fuel and cleaning their own Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF's) for 75% less.

BENTON, Ark. - ArkaSun -- For over 10 years the ECOFuelMax has been helping reduce Fuel and Maintenance expenses with the ECO Fuel System, Made in the USA. It requires No Chemicals or Maintenance; it works on the principle of Electrostatic Energy causing fuel to burn more combustible and cleaner. Increase your efficiency and sustainability, saving thousands of dollars annually.

No Warranty issues, easy to install, it only treats fuel, no motor modifications. A patented proven guaranteed opportunity.

Truckers and diesel owners are now cleaning their own DPF's using Cobra Clean a Non Toxic, Non Acidic Biodegradable cleaning solution. Cobra Clean melts Carbon; you can clean a DPF in house in 24 hours without damaging heat for +/-$85.

Inflation is causing the price of everything to rise. The cause is Global Warming and Environmental concerns. Vehicle or Truck owners can reduce Carbon Pollution and Greenhouse Gases (+/-70%) on their own, without having to go electric and spending tens of thousands of dollars.

A Diesel Truck or Gasoline vehicle can save in excess of 10% ( in fuel saving thousands of dollars annually per vehicle. For details go Online ( or call and speak to a Human.

Cary M Nagdeman
(561) 860-6888

Source: ECO Fuel Systems, LLC

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